Bhutila Karpoche MPP, Parkdale–High Park

Government of Ontario

About the Ontario Food Terminal

Established in 1954, the Ontario Food Terminal, near the corner of The Queensway and Park Lawn Road, is the largest wholesale fruit and produce distribution centre in Canada, and the third largest in North America. It covers the equivalent of 20 Canadian football fields. The Terminal is an important economic hub, providing employment for many people living in our riding.
  • More than two billion pounds of produce moves through the Ontario Food Terminal annually.
  • Over 1500 community members are employed at the terminal.
  • Small businesses such as independent grocers and local restaurants rely on the Terminal for access to quality, affordable produce at fair prices.
  • Ontario Food Terminal doesn’t require one single dollar of taxpayer’s money to maintain and operate. 

In 2014, then-Mayor Rob Ford, then-Councillor Doug Ford, and the City of Toronto voted to request the Ontario government designate the land as a provincially significant employment zone.