Bhutila Karpoche MPP/Députée/གྲོས་ཚོགས་འཐུས་མི། Parkdale—High Park

Government of Ontario

Clean Up Mimico Creek & Humber Creek

To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

WHEREAS an industrial fire at Brenntag Canada caused a chemical sludge to spill and spread rapidly into Mimico Creek and Humber Creek in Etobicoke;

WHEREAS countless local wildlife have been killed or had their habitats contaminated as a result;

WHEREAS local residents and visitors have been impacted and need clear information;

WHEREAS this dangerous sludge has begun spreading into Lake Ontario;

Therefore we the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

The Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks has to be transparent with the public about which chemicals were spilled and the risks they pose;

The Minister provides Ontarians with a clear timeline and expectations for the clean-up operations;

To provide the Toronto Wildlife Centre with emergency funding to ensure they can undertake effective and timely clean-up operations;

Will you sign?