Bhutila Karpoche MPP/Députée/གྲོས་ཚོགས་འཐུས་མི། Parkdale—High Park

Government of Ontario

Create Transparency in Condo Industry


WHEREAS purchasers of pre-construction condominium units do not always receive the square-footage or amenities that they were promised and paid for, and have little recourse for accountability from developers;

WHEREAS condo owners and tenants are not always aware of their rights, responsibilities, benefits and obligations, while renting a condominium unit, including a lack of communication with other condo owners; 

WHEREAS developers and condominium boards often operate without full transparency, enter into unnecessary long term contracts, fail to recuse themselves from conflict of interest, or act improperly as a condo board director, property manager, or supplier;

THEREFORE, we the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to enact legislation that:

  • Standardizes legal contracts and disclosure documents for pre-construction purchases to better ensure buyers get what they pay for, and developers are held accountable,
  • Ensures condo owners and tenants receive all relevant information regarding their rights, responsibilities, benefits and obligations of owning or living in a condominium unit
  • Encourages the transparent operation of developers and condo boards by regulating contracts and prohibiting conflict of interest.
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