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Government of Ontario

Education and OSAP

Your first point of contact for help with applying for OSAP is the Financial Aid Office of the school you are applying to. Out-of-province students can get help by calling 1-877-OSAP411 (1-877-672-7411) during business hours.

Find out more about how OSAP can help you pay for your education.

It is important to always check your OSAP message center in your online OSAP account. OSAP deadlines cannot be extended or waived, and if you miss an important message about requested documentation and/or deadlines due to not checking your message center in the OSAP portal, you may miss out on funding. It is the student's responsibility to check their emails and message centre so that nothing is missed.

If you are facing difficulties with your OSAP that your Financial Aid office has not been able to resolve, we may be able to help advocate for you. Please email our office with your name, address, OSAP number or OAN, name of your school, and details about the issue you are experiencing, and we will respond as soon as possible.