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Health Care Rally

Health Care Rally Poster


We know the Ford government has created a crisis in our health care system by grossly underfunding it, capping workers' wages, and driving health care professionals out of the system.  We see it every day in our hospitals. 
Instead of investing in health care, Premier Ford is going down the dangerous path of permitting the for-profit delivery of surgeries.

Giving private, for-profit clinics freedom to offer health care services will mean that those who can afford to pay will get better, faster care while everyone else will be forced to wait longer. Privatization will further drive away nurses and doctors from our public system.

Our office is organizing to protect our public health care system. We are returning to the legislature on February 21, and we expect Minister Jones to introduce legislation to permit the rollout of private surgery delivery shortly after we return. That is why we are organizing a rally on Wednesday February 22nd at 5pm at University at College Streets to call for the Ford government invest and improve our universal public health care system, and stop their plan to permit private-surgery delivery.   

I encourage you to come down and show your support, and invite others to join us as well.  Now is the time to stand up for health care. 

February 22, 2023 at 5:00pm - 6pm
Corner of University Avenue and College Street
Jian Cheng

Will you come?