Bhutila Karpoche MPP/Députée/གྲོས་ཚོགས་འཐུས་མི། Parkdale—High Park

Government of Ontario

NDP calls on Doug Ford to stop ignoring health care experts and frontline workers, putting lives at risk

Published on September 27, 2018

Doug Ford has now held Overdose Prevention Sites on a 45-day "pause" against the advice of health care and addictions experts, and the NDP is calling for that pause to end.

"Doug Ford has been badmouthing overdose prevention sites, and the lifesaving work they’re doing,” said NDP MPP Bhutila Karpoche, who is the official Opposition critic for Mental Health and Addictions. “Just since his pause, over 150 lives have been lost to the opioid crisis. This is an emergency that can’t wait any longer.”

Meanwhile, overdose prevention sites are saving lives across Ontario.

"In my community, the temporary overdose prevention site saved 35 lives in just six months, and conducted 150 rehab referrals in as many days," said NDP MPP for London North Centre Terence Kernaghan.

"In the face of a public health crisis and the overwhelming evidence that this treatment works, why did this government think it was necessary to stop treating people, and how can they possibly justify it now? Will they commit to continuing to fund London’s temporary overdose prevention sites past the deadline of September 30th?"

"Will Doug Ford finally stand up for the thousands of families affected by the opioid crisis and continue funding temporary overdose prevention sites," asked Karpoche during Thursday’s question period.

"Or will he unilaterally decide to shut down these sites and override extensive with his own personal will?"