Bhutila Karpoche MPP, Parkdale–High Park

Government of Ontario

Petition: Stop Bill 66: Protect Hard-won Protections for Ontarians


WHEREAS Doug Ford has introduced Bill 66 (“Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness” Act), which rolls back hard-won protections for children, consumers, workers, and the environment;

WHEREAS Bill 66 is an omnibus bill that not only threatens source water protection and the Greenbelt, but other important protections;

WHEREAS Bill 66 also scraps Ontario’s Toxic Reductions Act, which seeks to curb the release of dangerous toxic substances into our environment;

WHEREAS Bill 66 increases the ratio of infants that a home child care provider can look after, putting children’s safety at risk;

WHEREAS Bill 66 scraps extra protections for cell phone users as well as safety standards for upholstered or stuff articles such as teddy bears;

WE THE UNDERSIGNED petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to direct the Doug Ford government to protect the safety of all Ontarians, to protect the Greenbelt, and to prioritize the sustainability and conservation of Ontario’s waters by revoking all 12 Schedules of Bill 66.

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