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Government of Ontario

Tackling Ontario's Long-Term Care Crisis

In Ontario today, one in three long-term care homes are in outbreak. We need to take action to protect seniors now.

Immediate action:

  • Recall the legislature: Immediately bring MPPs back to Queen's Park to take action.
  • Increase vaccinations: Ramp up vaccination rates across Ontario, starting with care homes.
  • Bring back the military: Allow the military to support frontline workers and keep seniors safe.
  • Call in the Red Cross: Use available Federal funding to deploy the Red Cross to homes in crisis.

Long-Term action:

In October of last year, the Ontario released a comprehensive plan for new, public and non-profit home care and long-term care system. It's clear that we need a new system where every dollar foes to directly to resident care – not corporate profits.

With your help, our plan will:

  • Overhaul home care to help people live at home longer
  • Make all long-term care public and not-for-profit
  • Build small, modern, family-like homes in all parts of the province
  • Staff up with full-time, well-paid, well-trained caregivers
  • Making family caregivers partners, not just visitors
  • Create affirming care that is culturally responsive and inclusive
  • Clear the waitlist so nobody has to wait years for a bed, and even longer for a culturally appropriate home.
  • Guarantee new and stronger protections, including comprehensive inspections and a Seniors’ Advocate
  • Read the full plan here

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